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At All Inclusive Water/Wastewater Solutions, Inc., we have made presentations to environmental consultants, engineers and developers on the following topics:

  • Effluent Disposal on Steep Slopes
  • Safety of Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Treated Wastewater
  • Impact of untreated wastewater overflows on the environment
  • Inadequacy of treatment plants on human health issues
  • Solutions to overflows of treatment plants into the environment
  • Inadequate testing of Reclaimed Water
  • Dangers of Reclaimed Water on Humans
  • Polluted Human Exposed Waterways due to Wastewater Spills
  • Microorganisms from Inadequately Treated Wastewater Contaminating Golf Courses, Playgrounds, Sporting Fields

We have also presented to local community engineers, land developers, realtors, county officials regarding:

  • Overcoming Building Moratoriums Due To Maxed Out Wastewater Treatment Plants

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