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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. There are many wastewater treatment systems available. What makes All Inclusive Wastewater Treatment plant the right choice?

A. Here are what we believe to be the important reasons:

  • The All Inclusive Water/Wastwater Solutions, Inc. staff consists of designers, manufacturers and Class “A” General Engineering Contractors and State of California Contract Operators Licensed by the State Water Resources Control Board.
  • The All Inclusive Water/Wastewater Solutions, Inc. Treatment Plant is not only state of the art in electronic processing of the operation of the plant, but also in the multiple step process in the treatment train.
  • All wastewater is treated completely in batches. In comparison the large municipal treatment systems have flow through plants wherein wastewater gravity flows through the plant and pushes effluent out the other end. This is acceptable under normal conditions, however, with heavy rains and much inflow and infiltration into the collection system, the flow-through operation does not offer the same level of treatment as the batch process.
  • The All Inclusive type plant reduces 97 percent of all nitrates.
  • The fourteen day Sludge Retention Time adequately degrades the recalcitrant chemicals and pharmaceuticals often left as residuals in most treatment plants.
  • The final tertiary treatment of the effluent helps remove and kill stragglers. The standard All Inclusive multi media filtration is about ten microns.
  • Either chlorine or ozone is utilized to further kill off any micro-organisms, if remaining after the filtration.
  • The disposal of effluent is by percolation and evapotranspiration. The effluent is never discharged into streams, but runs through subsurface drip irrigation lines ten inches below the soil surface. The action of the soils and the weeds on the effluent continue the biodegradation of any remaining substances.
  • The All Inclusive Water/Wastewater Solutions, Inc. type plant utilizes the Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration Activated Sludge System (ICEAS system).

Q. Why is a wastewater treatment plant that incorporates aerobic system better than other systems?

A. "Aerobic" means with free oxygen. The organic waste, measured in BOD, is reduced more efficiently and more rapidly via the aerobic system than any other form.

This rapid process means less detention time for treatment and allows for smaller facilities. This all equates to the best treatment at the lowest cost (better than 95% efficiency)!

Q. Where does the wastewater effluent go once it’s treated?

A. Treated wastewater (effluent) is returned to the environment by a number of different methods, depending on the degree of treatment and local regulations.

The safest method for humans is via the subsurface drip lines used by All Inclusive Water/Wastwater Solutions, Inc. that allows the effluent to be absorbed into the soil.

All Inclusive Water/Wastwater Solutions, Inc. wastewater treatment systems contribute to a safer, cleaner environment by reducing the organic load and controlling the presence of bacteria and waterborne diseases being returned into the environment.

Q .Who will run the wastewater treatment plant?

A. Highly trained, experienced and state-certified treatment plant operators employed by All Inclusive Water/Wastwater Solutions, Inc. are on call 24 hours a day, every day, to oversee treatment plant processes, and to react promptly to any unusual condition.

Many controls of wastewater treatment processes are automated requiring technical expertise. Some processes may require manual control which relies on the operator’s frequent physical presence to observe conditions and make adjustments. The wastewater treatment plant is carefully monitored 24/7.

Q. How is the quality of the treated wastewater ensured?

A. Our on-site instrumentation provides information and records data on wastewater quality around the clock. Information is collected and stored automatically in a database for evaluation by our operational employees. Independent laboratories periodically verify quality.

Monthly reports are submitted to the State Regional Quality Control Board.

Q. How reliable is the treatment facility?

A. Reliability at the All Inclusive Water/Wastwater Solutions, Inc. plants are quite high. The plant is staffed with operators who are able to respond to any situations that may arise. Critical treatment processes are designed with redundant equipment, which means that if a mechanical or electrical component fails, alarms are triggered at remote monitoring centers, computers and pagers.

Employees are on-call 24 hours a day in case of a failure that requires their immediate assistance. Employees aggressively care for the equipment to predict and prevent breakdowns, further adding to the reliability of the facility.

Q. If treatment plants are located near housing communities will there be noticeable odors?

A. By the very nature of all the treatment processes being “aerobic”, the potential for obnoxious odors being produced is nil. Further, the treatment units are buried enclosed systems. Any odors that would be produced in the sewer collection system would be mitigated as soon as the waste enters the “aerated equalization tank system”, which is also buried.

Q. Are there any waranties for the work? What about Limitations of Liabilities?

A. Yes. Warranties are as follows:

All Inclusive® Water/Wastewater Solutions, Inc. warrantees all equipment and materials installed to be free of defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of "Operational" certification.
Performance Warrantee
All Inclusive® Water/Wastewater Solutions, Inc. warrantees that the equipment installed and operated by All Inclusive Water/Wastewater Solutions Inc. shall be capable of achieving the performance specifications set forth in the Discharge Requirements.


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